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To leave a note, enter the license plate number of the car. Then write or draw your message and hit "Send Note".

(Either draw it or type it.)
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Left A Note

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Left A Note

Enter a state, license plate number, and your email address. Then anytime someone leaves a note for that license plate we will send you an email notification.

Left A Note

Please enter your email address and click 'Remove Watch' to stop receiving notifications for the specified license plate.

Left A Note

Important Please please please DO NOT write notes while driving.

About Left A Note LeftaNote.com was developed as a means of leaving a message for the driver of another car. These notes don't have to be derogatory in nature, they can be anything from "Your tail light is out" to "I think you're cute :)". If someone is really talented, they may draw a pretty picture. Have fun with LeftaNote.com and if you do get a bad note try not to take it personally, everyone seems to be very opinionated when behind the wheel.

How To If you want to check your car to see if any notes have been left, simply click the "View Notes" button at the top and enter your state and license plate number. If you want to see all notes left in your state, leave the license plate number field blank.

Say you want to leave a note for someone, click the "Add Note" button at the top, enter their license plate state and number, write your note, and click the "Add Note" button at the bottom.

If drawing is more your thing, you can use our drawing tool to draw a note for someone. Select the "Draw Note" option then pick a color and start drawing. Please be aware that if you opt to draw a note, any text you entered for a note will be deleted in favor of your drawing.

Be Social LeftaNote.com routinely tweets out notes left by users. So follow us on twitter @leftanote. We also have a facebook page where you can follow us and see random notes get posted and discussed.

Privacy Any information you enter is considered yours. You are giving us the right to display/use it only for the purpose it was originally intended for (basically we don't use this stuff for advertising purposes). If your personal information was posted in a note without your permission, and you would like it removed, please contact us and we will be happy to remove it.

All notes belong to their creators, we are not responsible for the contents of a note posted on our site. If you have any problems please report the note and we will investigate, and remove the note if necessary. If you feel that we have not taken the appropriate action when dealing with a note please contact us directly.